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Our research focuses on the understanding of molecular mechanisms of neurological diseases, with emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease and depression. Our long-term goal is to leverage our findings to promote translational advances in the development of new therapies and biomarkers for neurological disease. Our main goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms driving cognitive decline and mood impairments in neurological disease

Recent Publications

Brain Communications

Association of the fibronectin type III domain–containing protein 5 rs1746661 single nucleotide polymorphism with reduced brain glucose metabolism in elderly humans

Journal of Neurochemistry

Preface: Special issue “Brain Proteostasis in Health and Disease”

Journal of Neurochemistry

EDITOR SPOTLIGHT: Interview with Brain Proteostasis Special Issue Guest Editor Mychael Lourenco

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Op-ed in Folha de SP

Op-ed in Folha de SP

Text in Portuguese Link: https://www1.folha.uol.com.br/opiniao/2023/02/afinal-estamos-avancando-no-tratamento-da-doenca-de-alzheimer.shtml